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How To Measure

Tools needed for measuring are:

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Level
  3. Straight Edge Ruler
Optional - One might also find need for; masking tape, a wide marker, and tracing paper.

In order to make your shuttered windows look & function correctly, it is very important to measure the aperture of the window opening accurately. However you decide on which method to use while installing the shutters based upon the shape of the opening, aesthetics, and any other desire you might have. Some methods are not recommended as they may turn out to be impossible.
Keep in mind as long as the window is measured correctly, SHUTTERS DIRECT will custom build your window treatment so that it will fit properly.

Things To Watch For

Allowance for Louver Clearance:

This is a detail for which the measurer is responsible. Search for interference from from hardware, casing, sills, transoms, tilt-in sashes, muntins and mullions. ( Divider rails may be specified in applications where louver interference would occur with transoms or muntins.)

Allowance for Frame Clearance:

With inside frame applications, the measurer must account for the depth of the opening. Frame clearance also becomes particularly important in windows with tilt-in sashes or casement hardware.


In some older homes it is quite likely that the window will be out of square. Actually windows are rarely perfectly square. Therefore, installation methods have been designed so that nearly all openings can be accommodated with our standard frames and moldings. In extreme cases, wider frames and moldings may be specified at additional cost.


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