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So many people have questions about shutters so we decided to compile all the most commonly asked questions and listed them here. Hopefully this will answer most of your concerns but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.

Question: What wood do you use?

Answer: The wood used in the manufacture depends on the finish and application. For indoor painted shutters we recommend poplar. However, wood grade will be selected at the time of manufacture.


Question: What colors do shutter come in?

Answer: All ShuttersDirect shutters are custom painted to match your requested color including oil or latex and sheen (satin, semi-gloss or high gloss)


Question: Can you match my trim color?

Answer: Our shutters are custom finished to your specifications. We will use the same make and color of paint if and whenever possible to insure a close match.


Question: What size will my shutters be? and blinds?

Answer: The shutters are made to custom fit your windows. There are no standard sizes. The size, after allowance for hardware, will fit your windows to within 1/8th of an inch.


Question: Do the louvers close up tight?

Answer: Yes. ShuttersDirect louvers lay one on top of the other for a solid closure.


Question: Will my new wooden interior shutters warp or twist over time?

Answer: No, we use only the best wood in the manufacture of our shutters; select grade that is kiln dried to furniture grade standards of 7 moisture. Wood will twist and warp as it dries so by using dry stock we assure that this problem is avoided.


Question: Will the louvers loosen and sag?

Answer: Our shutters have tension spring set into the second louver up and down so they will stay where you set them.


Question: What width are the shutter louvers?

Answer: 1 1/4" traditional; 3 1/2" standard plantation; 1 3/4", 2 1/2", 4 1/2", 5 1/2" custom louvers.


Question: What is a divider rail?

Answer: A divider rail is a solid piece running horizontally, usually at the center of your shutter. This separates the bottom section of louvers from the top section of louvers in the same shutter. Many customers like the flexibility this configurations allows.


Question: Are there two shutters per opening?

Answer: Not necessarily. At ShuttersDirect, you may choose the amount of shutters you want per opening. Price varies based on style and number of shutters per opening. We will make as few or as many shutter per opening as feasible in our manufacturing parameters.


Question: What about hardware?

Answer: Prices quoted on finished interior shutters include all necessary hardware. At ShuttersDirect, standard hardware package includes brass hinges, screws, sash latch, magnetic catches and white porcelain knobs; although we do carry a significant amount of specialty hardware. We would be pleased to help you with special requests. Due to the variety of styles on exterior shutters the hardware is sold separately and we will work with you to give you the style you like.


Question: How wide is the frame of the shutters?

Answer: Only 1 1/4" wide, so when your pairs of shutters close together the center of window is only covered by 2 1/2" of frame.


Question: Would finishing my own shutters make them arrive earlier?

Answer: Yes, as much as in 10 days depending on current production.


Question: Can we save money by painting our own shutters?

Answer: Yes! Shutters Direct will send you the shutters and hardware to complete your installation. With a little effort you can save as mush as 35% off the finished shutter prices.


Question: What is the delivering time?

Answer: Normally seven to eight weeks delivery. Our shutters are custom made so timing varies depending on volume.


Question: Are shutters private?

Answer: Yes. When closed, its solid hardwood 3/8" think along the louvers. No one can see in or have an image through the shutters.

Question: Do shutters help with insulation?

Answer: Hardwood is an excellent insulator and because you’ve fit you shutters to within 1/8th of an inch, you’ll see reduced heating and cooling loss.


Question: What width are blind louvers?

Answer: Our popular 2" wide blind louver is a real favorite, however 1" is available.


Question: What is the delivery time on blinds?

Answer: Two to three weeks in most cases, depending on your selection of materials.


Question: I have more questions about your shutter and blinds what should I do?

Answer: Email us at shuttersdirect@hotmail.com with your question and we will try to answer them.


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