Aluminum Bahama Shutters




Aluminum hurricane shutters have evolved in recent years to provide a reasonably-priced replacement for wood shutters. The aluminum Bahama shutters have enjoyed approval by many Historical districts as the costs and maintenance levels have increased for the wood shutters.

The Bahama shutter is top hinged with support arms that provide up to a 60 degree angle. The Bahama shutter works for you full time providing sun, rain, privacy and ventilation in the extended position and full storm protection when in the down and lock position. We now offer an inside lock system where you only have inside access to close your shutter.

Aluminum Colonial Shutters
Colonial Shutters enhance the appearance of your home and offer protection from inclement weather.

Colonial Shutters delivers the classic style and decorative appeal of a traditional window shutter, while providing reliable protection against high winds and flying debris. Colonial shutters are neatly hinged to give you high performance storm protection. They can also be designed with curved tops for arched openings and may be hinged in a bi-fold fashion for wider openings.

Colonial hurricane shutters are ideal for ground level and upper floor window openings and close easily. When they are open they have the decorative beauty of traditional shutters and they are maintenance free. Colonial shutters can be constructed with multiple panels that fold out when closing to cover larger openings.



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